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29 November
Los Angeles
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WARNING: I make jokes with the aim to make myself laugh so if you catch me chuckling with no one around that doesn't mean im talking to my imaginary friend jaye. a million thoughts stream through my head at once. they may or may not include: dancing like no one is watching, singing kareoke like no one is listening, or causing copious amounts of mayhem and or randomness. i prefer all of the above. i like telling stories that don't really have a point. i stare. shamelessly. obsessively. i come off snarky and surly on most days but its not my natural temperament. laughing gets me through the day. i like to get into people's heads- preferably my friends so we can proclaim loudly, "Get out of my head!" its no secret that my heart longs for London. "i refuse to live for what was and will never be again." Comprehend the beauty around you and see the hope it brings. when i say i like music, its an understatement. i love it and the people that create it. im in love with the moments before, during and after the shows where for a short time, you feel like you're floating on the highest clouds along with everyone in the room. the pure exhileration of the moment- it makes me feel deeper than anything ive ever experienced. to feel someone else, even for a moment is magnificent. im a fool for the slow and depressing songs, melodies that soar, and honesty in music that pierce your very being. i like to win, im extremely competitive. i like to laugh at myself. however, i don't like to laugh at myself losing. sometimes i bust out in song during a normal conversation and speak in song lyrics. Usually it takes a few seconds for someone to realize that i just made a joke. if so, you are slow. i tried counting how many good puns i made but after 10 - no pun intended drinks of choice- vodka cranberry, guiness on tap, or jameson and coke.

Bernard Pivot Questionaire:

1. what is your favorite word? euphoria, ectasy, lozenges, doily, lush, discombobulating

2. what is your least favorite word? STRAIGHT FROM THE UDDER!, panties, crayon, womyn (how its spelled)

3. what turns you on? honesty, sincerity, openess, awareness

4. what turns you off? malice, cruelty, bigotry, lying

5. what's your fav. curse word? the amalgamation of a few into "fuck that shit"

6. what sound do you love? the moment where you can hear a smile

7. what sound do you hate? uncomfortable silence, the subtle changes in the voice when you can hear someone lying

8. what profession other than yours would you like to attempt? travel writer

9. what profession would you not like to participate in? military or political

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "welcome, come on in . I bet you thought you'd never make it here huh? we've always had a place for you. And i almost forgot, there is someone here that wants to see you. " i think naomi watts said it best, "you have to be quiet. this is the special pass for the fun downstairs."
"We're all fates bitch, you might as well bend over for destiny now"- Jaye

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