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06 November 2007 @ 03:09 pm
i made a lot of new posts over at my blog Audio Taco. I think you should read and comment on it. 
04 September 2007 @ 04:18 pm
11/6 The Gossip, The Long Blondes @ Henry Fonda!!! my jaw is wide open. i was just thinking about seeing the long blondes for a few months now..

23 August 2007 @ 11:49 am

You have to check out Carina if you have the change- she's amazing live!
23 August 2007 @ 10:34 am

“Moneymaker”, the first single off of “Under the Blacklight” left many fans wary of the direction the band was going in with their new record- the video featured porn stars and had Jenny Lewis erotically moaning and singing about her moneymaker over a simple guitar riff. It raised questions of whether RK sold out and lost their indie cred. With the last record, “More Adventurous”, it seemed that Jenny Lewis & Co. were heading off into the alt rock direction but they did a complete u- turn and created a homage to 70s music. With Mike Elizondo at the helm, the record is infused with elements of disco, country, blues, and funk. Lewis, after creating her solo country influenced record brings a lot of the same vocal styles to this record.

Songs like Silver Lining and Close Call may sound more familiar to RK fans than the rest of the record (which is probably why they were the first two tracks on the record). “Breakin’ up” has an electro intro that sounds like a Postal Service track. The back up soul singers are an unnecessary addition to the track. The title track, “Under the Black Light” is a beautiful and melodically rich ballad that lets Lewis’ vocals really shine. “Dreamworld” features Blake’s best vocal work to date (I normally skip the songs he sang on from the last records). I guess a duet is a nice change in pace. “Dejalo” is a perfect example of the disco and funk influences. “15” sound sounds like a Dolly Parton song. “Give a little love” reminds me a lot of the Steely Dan track “Peg”.



For Rilo Kiley fans of the old, they will probably hate this record. Many of the tracks sound too polished, overproduced, or forced. Unlike the past records, there is less diversity in the tracks and therefore difficult to get into. Many times, it seems like Lewis is trying to be lyrically vague and the byproduct are songs that feel insincere. But, give it a few more listens and you will warm up to it. It helps if you think of it as a new band with a new record as opposed to “new” Rilo Kiley. I mean the band deserves some credit- breaking out of the indie mold and coming out with a disco record? Don’t write them off just yet….

You should listen to:


  • Moneymaker
  • Close call
  • under the blacklight
  • give a little love
13 August 2007 @ 04:23 pm

The Knife is a brother and sister duo from Sweden consisting of Karin and Olof. I'm going to throw some descriptions of their music out (this is a bit unfair but for analogy purposes)- dark electro pop, rhythm and dream pop.

Their whole shtick is dressing up in costumes so that they don't let their looks detract from the experience of listening to their music. They choose what masks they wear to embody what their music sounds like. Their videos are fascinating in that they have to represent the band's persona and never feature the members themselves. As a result, there is usually disturbing imagery and the director's interpretation of the Knife's songs.

You May have heard Jose Gonzalez's cover of the Knife's track "Heartbeats". What's interesting is that the cover sounds like an original track- Gonzales's goes as far to mimic Karin's vocal style but change the electronic sounds to one that only uses an acoustic guitar.

Listen to:

We Share Our Mother's Health
Silent Shout
Pass This On
Marble House

The Knife is one of those bands like Bjork who really know how to use the music video.


The video for "We share our mother's health" directed by Motomichi Nakamura looks similar to Chiho Aoshima's work.

Marble House:

Thanks to michelle for the rec!
06 August 2007 @ 03:12 pm
this account will bel inked with my myspace found here- myspace.com/kolanit

Please note, this is a new account (not the tinaindisguise one) so add me over here if you haven't done so alreadY!

31 July 2007 @ 02:44 pm
im going to be music blogging here from now on.